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Art Pays Me

The goal of the Art Pays Me Podcast is to help creative people figure out how to use their power to improve their lives and the world. We want to dig into the business strategies of successful creatives in order to break down how they achieved their goals. Art Pays Me is hosted by Artist and Designer, Duane Jones, Founder of lifestyle brand Art Pays Me.

May 24, 2020

Matt Dowling, Founder of Freelancer Club shares his creative journey, how he’s grown a business that advocates for creative freelancers and how a negative experience with a photography client motivated him to start this business. We talk about the business model of Freelancer Club, why it's different from other freelance marketplaces, where business and creativity come together and what the education system can do to support the creative industry. We also talked about how creative freelancers are vulnerable to exploitation, why Freelancer Club won’t post non-paying jobs and how his #nofreework campaign influenced government legislation in the UK.

The Freelancer Club