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Art Pays Me

The goal of the Art Pays Me Podcast is to help creative people figure out how to use their power to improve their lives and the world. We want to dig into the business strategies of successful creatives in order to break down how they achieved their goals. Art Pays Me is hosted by Artist and Designer, Duane Jones, Founder of lifestyle brand Art Pays Me.

May 18, 2019

In episode 7 I interviewed Dion Walcot, the entrepreneur behind Martk’d, a dynamic custom shoe design competition. We discussed his background and how he uses his past experience as an athlete from a tough environment in his business and how artists are similar to athletes. We also talked about why education is just as important as street smarts and how dressing like a professional doesn't necessarily mean wearing traditional corporate attire. Dion shares insights about working with Yellowbrick, an organization that teaches creatives how to up-level and why it's important to partner with the right people.

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